Events of the Past
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EID MILAN Presentation in New Delhi 03 August 2014

[Posted on August 03 2014] click here

73-year-old Tamil Nadu librarian Mr Palam Kalyanasundaram donated Rs 30 crore to the uneducated poor

[Posted on Feb 15 2014] click here

ZFI President took up the case of Myanmar's (Burmese) Rohingya refugees in Delhi at all-India meeting hosted by UN High Commissioner for Refugees

[Posted on Feb 15 2014] click here

ICP President & Secretary General made presentations at European Civil & Religious Leaders' Meet at Frankfurt, Feb 2014

[Posted on Feb 2014] click here

Ahinsa Ka Parbandhan, Presentation

[Posted on Nov 07 2013] click here


[Posted on Nov 02 2013] click here

Letter to Prime Minister on Delimitation Commission

[Posted on Sep 28 2013] click here


[Posted on Sep 16 2013] click here

Video clips of Eye Witnesses of Murder & Rape in Muzaffarnagar

[Posted on Sep 16 2013] click here

UPA Action (Jul-Dec '13) expected by Muslims

[Posted on July 19 2014] click here

Presentation by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President, Zakat Foundation of India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

[Posted on June 29 2013] click here

Letter Against Caste Discrimination

[Posted on Mar 08 2013] click here

ZFI responds to Pope Francis' interfaith dialogue invite

[Posted on Mar 26 2013] click here

Rally of Muslims, Christians and Scheduled, Lucknow

[Posted on 20 April 2013] click here

ICP President represents India at 21-countries/6-continents Muslim Minority Leaders Colloquium, Paris

[29-31 March 2013] click here

Samrassya 2013, Organised by: Interfaith Coalition for Peace, Mangalore

[Feb 16-17 2013]

Peace Convention, Guwahati, Assam

[Jan 20-21 2013]

Workshop on Peace & Communal Harmony, Bubaneshwar, Orissa

[Posted on Jan 27 2013] click here

Religion & Peace: Learning from Past & Working for Future (Celebrating Indian Republic Day & the Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH))

[Posted on Jan 26 2013] click here

Increasing Interfaith Interaction in Neighbour

[Posted on January 5 2013] click here

Increasing Interfaith Interaction in the Neighborhood Guests Speakers: Noted International Peace Activits, IICC, New Delhi

[Posted on August 21-24 2013] click here

Streams of Spirituality for Interfaith Thinking, Hyderabad, AP (Organised by: ICP & Saint Francis Xavier Movement, Italy)

[03-04 Jan 2013] click here

Educational help for rape victim's siblings


Interfaith Women Journey, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

[02-06 Nov 2012] click here

Workshop on Strengthening Human Resources in Peace Building, Dona Alcina Resort, Goa, Facilitator: Arne Saeverass

[10-12 April 2012] click here

All India Mushaira, Quli Shah Stadium, Hyderabad (Organised by: ICP & Henry Martyn Institute (HMI), Hyderabad)

[3 Mar 2012]

Perspectives on Peacemaking Muslims & Christians in Constructive Conversation
(Organised by: Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Islamic Studies Association)

[11th February 2012]

Saamarasya 2012, Kaces Grounds, Bangalore

[5th February 2012] click here

International Conference on Mysticism, Organized by: ICP & Henry Martin Institute (HMI), Hyderabad, AP
Jahan-e-Makafat - Iqbal's Recipe of Poetic Steroids

[16 November 2011] click here

Colloquium on Religion in Secular India Rights and responsibilities

[16-17 November 2011] click here

Towards Better Indo-Pak Relations, Nairobi, Kenya

[10-16 Sep 2011] click here

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