Our Vision


Whereas the living faiths and religions of the world emphasize on Peace, Harmony, Justice and Reconciliation, it is important that followers of all these beliefs appreciate that there is a common destiny based on love and peaceful coexistence. With this end in view the Interfaith Coalition for Peace dedicates itself to the following:

Creation of a family across the world that honours the sovereignty of God and respects human dignity.

Honouring the feelings and opinions of all communities and upholding their religious and human rights.

Promotion of equity, justice, peace and mutual respect.

Inculcation of a culture of tolerance and harmony, working on the principles of caring for and sharing with others and creating a lasting relationship amongst the communities and peoples of India and the world.


The Interfaith Coalition for Peace, thus, strongly appeals to the followers of all religions and faiths to work together for strengthening religious tolerance, mutual respect and peace, thus not only enhancing human dignity but also joining the chorus in praise of God. We also appeal to all governments, political forces, NGOs and organisations to join hands with the religious and faith groups and cooperate in creating and nurturing an atmosphere of trust and understanding.